Forest big-bags

anses-big-bagOur selection of Forest big-bags is specially designed to hold firewood or wood-chips. All the models feature two or four netted sides to allow airflow to dry the wood inside. All our big-bags are also UV-resistant and tear-resistant for longer lifetime.

You can discover how to optimize your firewood production with our big-bags on this page.

Currently we propose 3 different models:
Dry’n’Turn big-bag: with convenient bottom-handles for easy unloading and 4 netted faces for optimal drying.
Open-bottom big-bag: with an exclusive fully open bottom for extra easy unloading.
Half-bag: smaller big-bag for firewood that is really easy to move.

All the big-bags we propose have two large upper handles instead of four small ones. It might seem a detail but strong handles are an essential element of durability for a big-bag. You can also see another advantage of having two handles in the video below.


Our big-bags are ideal for firewood and can easily be used directly under the convoyer of a firewood processor. They can also be used for wood-chips and you can chip directly inside the bag as you will see in the video below.

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