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One-cord firewood big-bagsWelcome to big-bags.ca, the only website 100% dedicated to firewood big-bags. Our products are specially designed to meet the needs of firewood and wood chip producers in North America. We hope that you will find the product you need in our product-range.

Big-bags for exactly one face cord of firewood

Our bags have been designed with the Canadian firewood producer in mind. Their size has been studied to meet the demand of the market. When our big-bag is filled with 16-inch logs with the conveyor of a firewood processor, it will contain exactly one cord of firewood.

Please note that these bags contain each one facial cord. This equals to the volume of 16-inch firewood stacked on 8 feet long and 4 feet high pile. This means you have 1/3 of the “official cord”, which is made by stacking firewood 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and 4 feet high.

The wood dries directly inside the big-bag

All our firewood big-bags have two netted sides to let the air circulate through the bag. The wood will dry inside the bag. Therefore you will no longer need to touch your wood once it is in the bag. The savings on workhours are huge.

Firewood big-bags stacked for seasoning

Once filled, our firewood big-bags are stable enough to be stacked for seasoning. For optimal drying, we recommend to place the lower bags on pallets so that the air can easily circulate and the bottom of the big-bag does not stand in water or mud.

One cord of firewood made with freshly cut wood will weigh around 1800 lbs. That’s why our firewood big-bags are designed to hold up to 1-ton (2200lbs) of weight when lifted with the upper handles.

Efficient anti-UV protection

No need to put the firewood big-bags inside for seasoning. You just need to cover them to avoid rain and snow. All our big-bags are manufactured with a special black plastic that will resist at least 4 to 5 years in exterior use.

Make your firewood operation easy by combining one-cord firewood big-bags and a firewood processor

Why spend long and sweaty hours to cut, saw and stack firewood when it can be done easily ? Think of the time and effort saved if you didn’t have to touch your wood anymore between the stacked logs and the moment of the delivery to your customer. That dream is now come true if you combine a modern firewood processor with our one-cord big-bags!

Pilkemaster EVO processor

We are also the distributors of the Pilkemaster firewood processors in North America. Pilkemaster processors are fast and easy-to-use machines that will cut and split your wood with no effort at a staggering speed.

The turning conveyor of a Pilkemaster EVO processor can easily fill up to 3 one-cord firewood big-bags

With its turning conveyor, the Pilkemaster EVO processor can fill up to 3 one-cord firewood big-bags before you have to move the machine or the bags. You have a large quantity of wood that needs to be converted into firewood ? You will get the best productivity of your Pilkemaster EVO if you install it with a log-deck and combine it with our one-cord big-bags and work with two persons. One person will then operate the firewood processor and the other one will use a loader to supply the log-deck, remove the full bags and prepare empty bags.

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European quality distributed by Säätötuli Canada

The forestry big-bags of this website are distributed by Säätötuli Canada. The bags are manufactured in Asia, but their design and the quality control is made by a French company that has over 20-years of experience in forestry big-bags.

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