Firewood big-bags

Our firewood big-bags are easy to move with their practical two handlesOur selection of Forest big-bags is specially designed to hold firewood or wood-chips. All the models feature two or four netted sides to allow airflow to dry the wood inside. All our big-bags are also UV-resistant and tear-resistant for longer lifetime.

You can discover how to optimize your firewood production with our big-bags on this page.

Our different models of firewood big-bags

We have currently 3 different models of firewood big-bags available. You can discover their features below.

Dry'n'Turn big-bag to hold one cord of firewood


One-cord firewood big-bag with bottom handles allowing the bag to be easily returned with forks.
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Open-bottom firewood big-bag


The firewood big-bag with an easy unloading system. The whole bottom of this big-bag is maintained with an ingenious Velcro-system to allow for easy unloading.
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Small-bag for easy firewood deliveries


A smaller firewood bag easy to move. This is the ideal solution if you have to deliver firewood to restaurants or other places with no unloading dock.
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All our firewood big-bags have two large upper handles instead of four small ones. It might seem a detail but strong handles are an essential element of durability for a big-bag.

The two huge handles are easy to pick-up with a forklift or with the loader of your tractor. Unlike bags with 4 handles, you don’t have to have your forks exactly at the right position and there is no need to waste time in trying desperately to get all four handles at the same time on the forks. You can also use bigger machinery with larger forks to move our bags as the fork dimension is not an issue with two large handles.

As you can see on the video below, this makes it also easier to pick-up two big-bags at the same time.

Produce your firewood directly into the bag with your processor

Our big-bags are ideal for firewood and can easily be used directly under the convoyer of a firewood processor.

The big-bags can also be used for wood-chips. You can even chip directly inside the bag as you will see in the video below. If you are looking to produce wood chips as well, check out our biomass wood chippers.