Dry’n’Turn big-bag

The Dry'n'Turn is a one cord firewood big-bag with bottom handlesDry’n’Turn – The easy to return big-bag

The new and improved Dry’n’turn big-bag has two black UV-resistant netted faces to ensure good drying, and two sides made from UV-resistant black PP canvas. It is equipped with two top handles for easy moving, as well as bottom handles for easy emptying.

It has a big capacity with dimensions of 37.8 x 37.8 inches and 63 inch height. This capacity of 52 cu ft (1,47 m3) ensures that it will contain exactly one cord when filled with 16-inch firewood.

The upper handles are manufactured to resist up to 1000kg (2,200lbs). You can easily lift the big-bag even when it is filled with freshly cut firewood. One cord of green firewood will weigh about 1,800 lbs.

You can see how the Dry’n’turn is emptied easily in the video below. Please note that the video is made with the old version of this bag (the new version is completely black to ensure a better UV-resistance to the bag).

Why the black color ? If you have already used multi-purpose ties outside, you may have noticed that the white ones are degrading fast with the sun’s UV rays when compared to black ones. This is one of the many advantages of our bags when used outside.

Advantages of our big-bags

  • One bulk-filled bag = One 16-inch cord. No more stacking the wood! You can simply fill the bag, let it dry and deliver your customer.
  • Less handling. The wood seasons inside the bag, you don’t have to touch it before delivery.
  • Space-saver. Once filled, the big-bag is stable enough to be stacked on two levels.
  • Easy unloading by turning the big-bag around.
  • Customer loyalty. If you deliver the full big-bag to your customer against a deposit for the value of the bag, your customer will naturally call you once he is out of firewood.
  • UV-resistant. Our big-bags can be used outside for a minimum of 4 to 5 years.
  • Re-usable. As long as they are not perforated, the big-bag can be used again.
  • Compact. Unlike metallic or wooden crates, an empty big-bag does not take a lot of space.

You can check our tips on how to optimize your firewood logistics.

Please note that these bags contain each one facial cord. This equals to the volume of 16-inch firewood stacked on 8 feet long and 4 feet high pile. This means you have 1/3 of the “official cord”, which is made by stacking firewood 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and 4 feet high.