Optimizing firewood logistics with big-bags

Big-bags are a great way to rethink the whole logistics for firewood production and save on labour. This is an example of how a firewood operation can be optimized with forest big-bags.

Firewood production directly to the bag

Firewood processor with a conveyor to the big-bag

The big-bags can be filled directly with a firewood processor or any conveyor once it is placed on the big-bag support frame. Once the bag is filled, it will stand without the support. If you have a moving conveyor, you might even fill several bags before having to move your processor or the filled bags.

Seasoning inside the big-bags

Stacked big-bags - A great way to season you firewood

Once produced, the firewood bags can be stored. Netted sides ensure that the firewood will dry with the natural airflow. Our big-bags are strong enough to be stored in two layers to gain space. If you wish to store the bags outside, we recommend that you cover the top of the bags to avoid rain or snow to enter the bags during the seasoning.

Firewood delivery with the bags

Firewood delivery with Open-bottom big-bags

For customers coming to pick-up firewood with their own trailer, it is easy to empty the open-bottom bags directly on their trailer simply by lifting it above the trailer and releasing the two Velcros.

If you make deliveries to your customers, loading your delivery truck with big-bags is fast and easy. If you have a delivery truck with a crane, you can easily unload the open-bottom bags at your customer’s premises in a few minutes and get your bags back for reuse.

You can also use the bags to motivate your customers to come back for their next order. Simply ask for a refundable depot for the big-bag when you deliver your firewood and leave it with the bag.

As long as it is not perforated, a forest big-bag can be used at least for 4 to 5 years thanks to the UV protection.