Garden-Bag – The 4 seasons big-bag

The Garden-Bag is a multipurpose big-bag that will make your life easier. It can be used for leaves and other garden residues. It can also be used for shopping, as a trunk divider for your car, for sorting and storage.

Folded and unfolded Garden-Bag

It is easy to fold and unfold and thus can be stored in a small space. Once unfolded, the bag is self-standing. This makes it an ideal tool for entrepreneurs as they can haul their tools to the jobsite and also use it as a mobile container for all the residual materials.

Garden-Bag comes in 3 practical sizes

Garden-Bag exists in 3 practical sizes:
– Small: 40x40x44cm or 15.7×15.7×17.3 inches
– Medium: 53x53x53cm or 20.8×20.8×20.8 inches
– Big: 60x60x70xm, or 23.6×23.6×27.6 inches

The side and bottom handles on the Garden-Bag make emptying easy

All Garden-Bags support up to 300kg (660lbs) of weight. They are fitted with two lifting handles. Two returning handles (one on the side and one on the bottom) make it easy to empty the bag.

Garden-Bag can be used as a container

In some municipalities where garden residues are picked-up, Garden-Bag can be used as a container that will be emptied.